Language: Somali
Exploration: Prerequisites
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Review of the basics with an emphasis on the context of culture.


Meet your instructor. Greetings: who can say what whom and when; gender, age, religion, relationship and occasion. What’s in a name? How to identify a person?  Review essential information about the three Somali names, nicknames and the sensitive issue of clans.

Assignment 1  Listen to a mini-lecture by your instructor. Review: the simple grammar of the geographical descriptions through interactive activities. Prepositions, the irregular verbs, the notion of the sentence focus.

Assignment 2  Review the flags and the national symbols in the region of the Horn of Africa through FLASH animations.  Is yellow and green the same color? – it depends where you come from. Differences in color names across the local Somali cultures. The grammar of descriptions: the relative clauses.

Assignment 3  Weather and climate.  Personal memories. The future tense.

Assignment 4 “ I kicked the ball across the equator.” Saving elephants from drowning.  Personal memories. The past tense.
For more detail see Contents in the part of Exploration called Introduction.   - Coming next issue!